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Sleeper Sofas with Mechanism

If you are looking for the exclusive Italian design sofas and sleeper sofas with sleeping mechanism, you can find them in the Isola di Bali furniture showroom.

Functionality, comfort and quality are the main features of each model that set them apart from other manufacturers. Although there is a lot of skepticism among the customers when it comes to folding beds, primarily in regards to convenience and comfort, you will be pleased by the fact, that the entire mattress folding system is manufactured by Isola di Bali. It is very improved and maintains high aesthetics with outstanding appearance and materials at all times.

Addedly, these functional details and features confirm the extra quality of our furniture. In our market, there is a large selection of corner sets with folding system, however, our specific manual production and design with a sophisticated mechanism will give you a unique sense of comfort thanks to simple lines, exotic style and dimensions that easily fit into any setting – whether it is a room for an afternoon break or daily sleep.

Among the popular products from our showroom is the TEMMA Corner Set, a brand new product from the Lotus Divani range. This piece of furniture is characterized by the fact that it has a shorter meridian by 60 cm compared to the SANDRO model.

Also, our sleeper sofas feature a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes, but also bedsides, materials, and additional options such as storage drawers or containers. As a matter of fact, each specific increases the comfort and convenience of our beds.

Among other products in this category, it is important to mention a very popular collection of sofa chairs in different colors and sizes.

The EMMA corner set stands out with extra functionality, comfort and quality. In addition to being classic in style, it can fit into any interior and also be converted into a comfortable sleeping bed in just a few strokes.

Modular dimensions provide additional choices for your favorite sleeper sofa allowing it to fit into any interior, and easily, in just a few strokes, turn into a comfortable sleeping bed. Some of the models we proudly offer can be viewed at S/C PAŠINO BRDO, 21 Bacvanska Street, Vozdovac, Belgrade.