Bela sofa sa belim ukrasnim jastucima


Consoles are often used as an indispensable piece of furniture when arranging living space. Thanks to their elegance, they perfectly decorate the corridors of houses, apartments, halls and business premises. Their specialty is reflected in the fact that they complete every ambience with simple lines, style and practicality.

Lobby consoles generally have two or more drawers and predominantly serve as a decorative element of the space. Also, they are ideal for smaller homes that require good decor. Depending on the needs of the customer, consoles can serve as a practical piece of furniture, because they perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality, while expressing the decorative value of wood.

In the Isola di Bali salon, such furniture elements can be manufactured in various forms, so that customers can exploit the full potential of consoles, which, in addition to their standard application, can also be used as a mini wardrobe or shelf.

Whether they are placed in the living room, hallway or any other place, consoles bring extra décor and do not take up too much space. Designers often suggest good lighting for this piece of furniture, which will highlight its beauty in the best way possible. The consoles also fit perfectly into the unused corners of different room types, as well as the space under the stairs, bedrooms and offices.