Tamno sivi trosed u svetlom ambijentu sa sarenim dekorativnim jastucima


Giving character to the living space can not be imagined without hanging an artistic image on the wall, and they say that there is no better way for the house to become home than to decorate the walls with photos or dignify them with works of a painter.

Aside from adding warmth and a personal seal to a room, paintings refresh the walls of each home in a classic, urban or modern way. They are almost always hung at the height of the observer's eyes, and the attainment of harmony depends on the personal taste and wishes of the customer.

Pictures should emphasize the elegance of the interior, meaning that the choice of motif, layout and size is always combined with space or the wall on which it is hung. Our salon has a large selection of paintings with exotic details, which is very easy to fit with the rest of the Isola di Bali furniture, making it easier to choose the color while matching the desired effect and authenticity.