Crveni trosed sa belim ukrasnim jastucima u svetlom ambijentu


If the features such as top design, quality and powerful impression are also the characteristics that you want to emphasize while equipping an interior, homes, hotels and restaurants, Isola di Bali catalog is the ultimate choice.

Our salon specializes in producing custom furniture of solid wood according to the customer preference. In our offer, consumer can find TV stands, club tables, libraries, console tables, chests, showcases, dining tables, chairs and other products. Production depends from the type of wood our clients choose, including beech, oak, ash, pine, etc.

Furniture of solid wood also rounds up the whole of interior decoration and contributes to the unusual, warmer atmosphere. Our salon always features a plethora of innovations whilst our catalog is regularly supplemented with modern decorative items - that is why we advise you to visit us, and see for yourself what unique spirit of the exotic island of Bali really is.