Crveni trosed u modernom crno-sivom ambijentu


Isola di Bali

Salon furniture Isola di Bali began operating in 2009, inspired by the exotic island of Bali, a small part of the Indonesian archipelago, known for its forested volcanic mountains, rice fields, beaches and coral reefs. The island is also home to many religious institutions, such as the Uluwatu Temple. Bali represents a haven for all yoga lovers and meditation enthusiasts, which is the main motive of our company - to present a different way of furnishing and decorating to the Serbian market.

Our offer originally included exclusively handmade furniture from the island of Bali, which reflects the culture of a whole nation, its exotics and naturalness, but above all comfort.

From our Bali program, we highlight authentic lamps, mirrors, decoration, furniture and oil paintings on canvas, made on the island. The lamps create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, bringing the spirit of exotic into the everyday environment. The furniture is made of precious tropical wood, whose characteristics are lines of imperfection and unusual appearance. Each piece is handmade and adapted for everyday comfort. In accordance with the growing wishes and demands of our clients, over time, our assortment was complemented with other types of furniture and items for house decor, produced in Serbia and Africa.

Special offer from Serbia is the production of furniture from solid wood and customer's desire. Our catalog encompasses TV stands, club tables, book libraries, console tables, chests, showcases, dining tables, chairs and so on. The production depends from the type of wood our clients decide, be it beech, oak, walnut, ash, pine, etc.

The products of Isola di Bali offer complete furnishing of space, bringing much freshness with their design into every home. Our sales staff is always there to welcome you kindly and answer all the questions about choosing the ideal piece of furniture. In our salon, you can also get acquainted with a professional team of interior designers, who can reliably offer you professional shopping advice.