Tamna sofa u svetlom ambijentu sa sarenim jastucima i vazom pored


Home decoration involving large collections of books is always a challenge because libraries create a special ambience. In addition to revealing a lot about their owners, book repositories certainly raise the level of elegance in the room thanks to their gracefulness and spaciousness. There are many design solutions to place a library in the room, although the idea of ​​decorating will still largely depend on the size of the area or the height of the books being stored.

The combination of style and design begins with the selection of materials from which other pieces of furniture in the room are made, but also your personal taste and desires. In our salon, customers can choose libraries of solid wood, medium-sized, high gloss, wood and glass combination, with additional drawers, glass doors and other.

If you want this elegant corner to look more interesting, you can, in some places between books, put some decoration, framed artwork or photo, and you get an unusual, but above all a unique space in the living room.