Eksponati izloženi u salonu nameštaja Isola di Bali

Our Salon

Salon furniture Isola di Bali has been present on the market for nine years and it successfully displays a unique, wide collection of furniture products for home and office - from decoration and fittings from solid wood to sleeper sofas. Each product from our portfolio has a specification of dimensions and materials, and the assortment is constantly expanded with new pieces of furniture.


Inspired by Bali

Bali furniture is made of precious tropical wood; its characteristics are lines of imperfection, which offer the unusual appearance of each individual piece - hand-designed and customized for comfort. Handmade furniture from the island of Bali reflects the culture of one nation, its exotics and naturalness, but above all coziness.


Komadi nameštaja izloženi u salonu Isola di Bali. Beli trosed u štofu i crna kožna ugaona garnitura
Izložbeni prostor kompanije Isola di Bali, perjana ugaona garnitura sive boje i kožna ugaona garnitura braon boje.

Furniture to the Highest Standards

We pay special attention to pieces of furniture made of solid wood. All products are made of carefully selected materials and each piece can be lacquered or treated with ecological coatings without harmful additives and vapors in the final processing. Furniture can also be made in dimensions and extent desired by the customer.

A Modern and Innovative Interior

Products from the salon Isola di Bali encircle a whole of interior furnishing and introduce a different, unusual, warm atmosphere with their design. In our exhibition area, there is always an innovation, and our company has recently become the exclusive distributor of upholstered furniture LOTUS DIVANI. The models are known for their "sofa - bed" program, and it is also possible to install a high-quality and functional sleeping mechanism in each one.


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