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It Will Seduce You with Its Appearance

We are still a little skeptical about the folding bed, and the biggest challenge was to keep it comfortable and cozy. What will surely delight you, is that the entire folding system with mattress has been improved by many manufacturers.

Likewise, there are now corner sets with folding mechanism in our market, which not only provide superior appearance, thanks to their materials, but also a high degree of aesthetics. This attribute is precisely their main characteristic and confirmation of additional quality.

A folding system for beds or corner sets in the living area of ​​apartments and homes, where no guest room is available, is always a positive additional feature. This piece of furniture with dual function is indispensable for studios, where both the day and night zones are in the same room. However, it is also practical in cottages, where at some point, it is necessary to accommodate more people.

Corner Sets as a Functional Solution

Corner sets in living rooms, which will consistently or occasionally also act as bedrooms, are expected to fulfill both tasks – a comfortable and beautiful furniture piece throughout the day that will carry the visual identity of the room, and a comfortable sleeping bed with a folding mechanism as its main functional element,  which is easy and convenient to handle. In the Isola di Bali salon there are corner sets that fulfill both tasks very successfully!

Contemporary design, quality sponge and fabric, as well as construction made in Italy, make the basic aspect of the classy LOTUS furniture. However, what characterizes them is the ability to manufacture and deliver each two-seater, three-seater and corner set in different dimensions with variations in the choice of materials.

In addition to the possibility of modular choice of dimensions, it is feasible to choose models and dimensions of the folding structure and mattresses as well.

Whether you want retro or more modern furniture, the long tradition and experience of our team guarantees the production of your choice and idea. We promise that corner sets from our salon will fit ideally into any space or home that you want to decorate.