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A Blend of Exotic and Authentic Design

Isola di Bali is an absolute leader among Belgrade furniture salons, whose offer includes quality, exotic furniture from solid wood. As a big fan of interior design, the company started operating in 2009, primarily inspired by the exotics of the island of Bali itself. Moving forward, our brand wanted to present a different way of furnishing and decorating different types of spaces in the Serbian market.

The offer originally included exclusively handmade furniture from Bali, which reflects not only the culture of the people, but also its other characteristics such as exoticism, authenticity and, above all, comfort.

As a major part of the Bali program, the salon offers corner sets, sofas, armchairs and sleeper sofas with mechanism, as well as authentic lamps, mirrors, decoration, dressers, paintings, dining tables and other products. Each item is carefully designed to convey the spirit of this magical Indonesian island, and is made in Bali to the highest standards.

Bali Furniture for Greater Comfort and Coziness

Bali lamps are manufactured as a product of combining various natural materials, such as the mother-of-pearl shell, bamboo, coconut leaf, leather, egg shell, wand, seaweed, stone etc. In addition to their ability to enrich the living space, these lamps create an intimate atmosphere and bring the spirit of exoticism into everyday ambience.

During the process of furniture making, Isola di Bali salon combines a variety of noble tropical wood types such as rattan, seagrass with leather. One of the main features of such products is wood with carvings, a detail that makes Bali furniture very recognizable.

Other features are the unpolished curves and extraordinary appearance, which is achieved by hand-forming for maximum comfort and coziness. Depending on the wishes and requirements of our customers, the range is constantly being updated with new furniture and other items for home decoration, made in Serbia and Africa.

If you are looking for a home station in regards to decorating a villa, boutique, restaurant, home or office space, Isola di Bali can help you choose and buy a unique, modern furniture, designed to meet the latest trends in the Indonesian archipelago. There are also shelves for creating your own library on offer, as well as a wide collection of paintings, vases, bowls and other types of decor.